Hardwood Floor Repair Services

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Professionals that provide hardwood floor repair and refinishing services understand the investment that goes into hardwood floors and are dedicated to restoring the look and value of your floor with refinishing and repair services.  Frias HF can repair or replace floor panels that are broken or damaged and restore or refinish worn out looking floors to bring out their original color.

Frias HF | Hardwood Repair Services We Offer Include:

We are masters of the craft, let's just say we have a way with wood. The Frias HF repair team will fix your hardwood floors in no time, are you having trouble with any of the following ?

Water Damage

Pet Stains

Splits, Cracks & Gaps

Cupping Floors

Full Refinishing

Floor re-coating

Floor Additions

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Hardwood floors are a great addition to any house because of the beauty and value they add and hiring professionals for hardwood floor repair and refinishing services will keep your floor maintained and in top shape.  Hardwood floor refinishing and restoration services will help protect your floor and bring back its original color and character.

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